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Vanguard Ranch


Renard and Chinette Turner of Vanguard Ranch Natural Gourmet live a completely off the grid, self-sufficient lifestyle just about an hour and a half outside of the city of Richmond. Assisted by Richard Yates the team grows and sells a wide variety of interesting things including squab, pigeon, heirloom vegetables, and most notably for their goat cuisine. Being Certified Naturally Grown, at Vanguard Ranch they take pride in growing all natural organic products along with free range meats. The farm is known for their food truck that sells famous gourmet goat burgers and kabobs. They do all types of events that attract folks to come eat their delicious food.   While Renard farms full time he also is very involved in the advancement of black farmers and farmers in general. Recognizing that farming while black is revolutionary in itself, Renard also recognizes that capitalism is also failing and self-sustainability for everyone is the key. In an interview with ECO FARMING DAILY: FIGHTING FOOF APARTHEID AND FINDING FREEDOM ON A VIRGINIA FARM Turner said   “Issues of inequality across the world are real. It’s a dangerous situation politically what’s happening across the world. Global capitalism is not working. Most people are so dependent. We do what we can do”   “Real food sovereignty for African Americans, would mean owning and farming the land, owning the means of distribution and owning the retail outlets through which they can sell food produced by African Americans. Otherwise, food apartheid will persist and the health and longevity of black Americans will continue to decline.”   Renard continues to be a huge part of the massive push for equality for black farmers. Recognizing the need to stop the bleed out of black land and increase exposure to land sovereignty. He believes that a shift in culture and paradigm back to self-sufficiency will free black people from the oppression capitalism has placed on us.   Article Referenced:

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