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Llewdor Gardens, LLC


Clarence Rodwell of Llewdor Gardens, LLC has been growing microgreens for personal use since 2015. Inspired by a tour of the Harding Street Urban Agriculture Center, Clarence has now turned that passion into a commercial automated microgreen growing system. Microgreens are a delicious nutrient dense food that can be a valuable replacement to common leafy green choices. Microgreens are greens that are harvested soon after germination to capture the optimum amount of the vitamin and minerals. Llewdor Gardens has crafted an automated system that makes this process easy for businesses to operate themselves and is very lucrative. The system can be operated around the clock and left unattended for days at a time. They’ve also created a smartphone app for establishment to be able to management their microgreens system remotely to maximize production. Llewdor Gardens, LLC now has systems installed in Norfolk Public Schools Central Kitchen and is looking for more businesses to collaborate with. Clarence is also passionate about building wealth and health for low-income communities surrounding this innovative way of growing.

Automated Hydroponic Microgreen Production Systems
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Clarence Rodwell
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