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Garden Variety Harvests


Cam Terry relocated to Roanoke, Virginia in 2017 with dreams of starting an urban farm business. He calls this his second career as his formal education was in video production making small films. After making an inspirational film about a farmer, Cam soon spent his free time growing in small spaces, developing an obsessive container growing habit. He yearned to make a larger impact. Cam believes there is nothing more important than food sovereignty and knowing where your food comes from. Garden Variety Harvests was birthed out of his passion and soon began taking over back yards in Roanoke. Growing using all chemical free methods, this farm believes in feeding the soil so that keeps giving back to us. They provide food for several restaurants and you can find them at the Grandin Village Farmers Market. At this market they take advantage of LEAPs ability to take SNAP and Fresh Match, giving the opportunity for low-income households to access fresh organic food. Cam and his partner Chloe also take pride in being involved in the local community. Cam runs a paid agricultural development program, called "Take Root", through the local high school to get students involved and knowledgeable about their food. Garden Varieties Harvests’ next big step is to acquire a lot of land near Roanoke’s inner city. The farm has partnered with the Southwest Agrarian Commons to make this land available for cultivation. Cam see’s this land as a future education incubator and a way to service the local community. Filling a huge void in inner city Roanoke, this farm has big dreams to spread knowledge about fresh local organic food. Please click the donation link to help this grower as he transitions into his new growing space.

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