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Farmer D's Farm

Culpeper, VA

Donald Haight Jr. goes by Don and grows specialty garlic in Culpepper on his family land. Don says his family has grown their own food over the last few hundred years and he continues that tradition. At Farmers D’s Farm, Don started growing to eat healthier and feed his community. Now he has found a specialty heirloom crop that is bringing in business and separates him from the competition. Don takes pride in using organic and regenerative practices to grow the most nutritious quality product possible. He creates all his natural fertilizer in house by bio char and vermicomposting and uses more traditional practices such as no till methods and cover cropping. He also uses companion planting and natural insect deterrents to fight the pests. Don believes in a complete holistic lifestyle and enjoys things like canning, making preserves, and the natural honey from his bees. Through this interest he got into the specialty curing process that creates his signature black garlic. Don grows several varieties of this specialty aged black garlic that provides impressive health benefits. The black garlic turns into a spreadable consistency with a distinct flavor perfect for cooking and snacks. Farmer D’s Farm plans to upgrade infrastructure and cold storage to be able to wholesale and move large quantities of his specialty heirloom black garlics. You can learn more at his website below.

Black Garlic
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Don Haight Jr.
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