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Airport Food Forest

Sandston, Virginia

Patrick Johnson, experienced black farmer and permaculturalist, keeps things running over at Airport Food Forest in Richmond. Patrick sells seasonal produce and value-added goods at local farmer’s markets and has for almost a decade.  Using organic and holistic principles Patrick reduces waste and builds a habitat for all beneficial living things to thrive. Airport Food Forest consists of a high tunnel, fruit trees, and huge Hügelkultur beds. Patrick has intentionally designed his space so that his land self-irrigates from rainwater and acts as a natural insecticide protecting his crops. Mr. Johnson became passionate about growing healthy food while in the peace corps and settled on his land in 2013 to do just that. Since then, he has built an entire food forest that will produce beneficial natural crops for years to come. Through a long history of education and representing black farmers, Patrick Johnson is an anchor in the local farming community. He plans to continue building infrastructure and running his permaculture consulting business, RVA Permaculture, for which you can find the link below.

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