Waddle Om Farm

Scottsville, VA 24590, USA

At Waddle Om Dan and Shankari care for an amazing healing green space and lots of animals. With an apothecary on site, Shankari uses her healing space to grow medicinal herbs and naturally grown produce. The mission of Waddle Om Farm is to take local landscapes and shape them into spaces that will provide food security, repopulate local species and pollinators, and provide space to experience tranquility. On over 100 acres they practice regenerative and natural land management asking important questions like: How can we regenerate our land and watershed? How do we heal our minds and bodies? They do this through the use of holistic animal grazing practices that enhance the fertility and life of the soil. Waddle Om believes that the health of the soil and water are interconnected with the health of the animals and humans. The techniques that are optimal for soil health are also optimal for animal health and creating vital nourishment for our own bodies. At Waddle Om they work with landowners who are highly committed to the health and fertility of their lands. We exclude livestock from ponds and streams and seek to set up riparian areas planted with native plants. We put an emphasis on medicinal and species that are flowering and fruiting to feed pollinators and wildlife. For the 2022 growing season, Waddle Om is currently offering private, direct to customer orders, through email for grass fed lamb, eggs, lambskin rugs, body products, and private herbal consultations for herbal remedies along with land management consultations and saw milling.

Vegetables, Medicinal Herbs, Leafy Greens, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Cut Flowers, Ginger, Potatoes, Garlic, Eggs, Grass Fed Lamb, Corn, Cotton, Peppers
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