Pat Acres Farm

16297 Stevensburg Rd, Brandy Station, VA 22714, USA

Pat Acres is a 25-acre farm ran by Eugene Triplett in the small town of Brandy Station Virginia right outside of Culpeper. Mr. Triplett is a 4th generational farmer who does so much more for the community than provide fresh local food. Mr. Triplett is a community activist sitting on the board of directors of several nonprofits such as Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, Secretary of Minority and Veteran Farmers of the Piedmont, and is Pharmacist-In-Charge at the Culpeper Free Clinic. Eugene has spent countless hours selflessly providing resources, strength and healing back into the community. Mr. Triplett is now retired and working full time on farm where he can focus on his passion for farming. On Pat Acres, Eugene raises cattle, grows produce and hay, and chooses regenerative no till methods and high tunnels. He is looking forward to shifting gears and selling his produce wholesale.

Tomatoes, Beef, Squash, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Garlic, Beans, Honey, Corn
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Eugene Triplett
(540) 2196217