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Healing Hope Urban Gardens

Chesterfield, VA, USA

Healing Hope Urban Gardens is a multi-plot operation farmed by Army Veteran Natasha Crawford. Through a passion to continue to serve her community, her goal is to promote total body health and wellness through agriculture and unity. At Healing Hope, they are dedicated to using natural, sustainable, and regenerative practices. Feeding the earth as it feeds us, they use practices such as no till, companion planting, crop rotation, and chemical free growing. Natasha sells a variety of fresh produce and value-added products at the Petersburg River Street Market. She takes pride in providing affordable food to those who need it most. She places emphasis on connecting to military veterans, PCO and LGBTQIA groups.

Natasha learned how to grow food from her great-grandmother, Bessie Walker, who grew up on a farm in Georgia. Bessie managed a garden well into her 90’s and passed on her values and passions to Natasha. Inevitably, Natasha has grown food and provided education to family, friends, and neighbors for over 12 years now.

With a degree in both Nutrition and Public Health, as well as being a NEHA certified food safety professional, Natasha is well versed in the importance of food safety. Aiming to become GAP certified, Healing Hope is striving to increase revenue streams and open up market avenues. They Invite everyone to donate or buy merchandise through bonfire to help contribute to their efforts.

Leafy Greens, Tomatoes, Squash, Herbs, Carrots, Microgreens, Mushrooms, Garlic, Peppers, Okra
River Street Market, RVA Black Farmers Market (17th St)
Sales Notes
Accepts EBT
On Farm Sales
Natasha Crawford
Friday-Sunday 10am-7pm
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